Meet the Artist

Get to know Wendy and the inspiration behind her spiritual music and journey

There’s an undeniable state of inner peace and love that anyone can achieve with the right support, mindset, and time.

A more empowered, enlightened version of you is accessible when you are ready to pursue your truth.

Music and spirituality have equally been a part of my life from early on. Songwriting and creating music became a natural form of creative expression for me, something that fueled my own spiritual journey.

As a child, I was taught that spirituality and religion were one and the same. But it wasn’t until a little later that I came to understand the truth: religion does not necessarily create inner-spirituality or inner-peace.

That is a personal experience between me and God, the Universe, the Source of all things, and it’s an experience that continues to inspire my spiritual exploration today.

In my journey, I enjoy learning about the beautiful principles from the practice of meditation and yoga. I lead each day with curiosity, seeking to explore and understand timeless teachings from all parts of the world that align with my truth, which comes from within.

The music I create and the songs I write are designed to help bring others into a state of inner peace, truth, and love — love for themselves and love for others, without judgment.

On a personal note…

I believe in taking care of my body, as well as my mind and spirit. I eat a conscious diet and incorporate movement of all sorts in order to keep the connection of all three parts of me.

In all I do, I try to live in a way that honors my family lineage, including their lives and legacy. I am aware that my loved ones who have passed made sacrifices for me and that they are not really gone, but rather continuing to guide and love me from where they are; that understanding brings comfort and inspiration to my own journey.

I am passionate about reading and thoroughly enjoy studying the many teachers who have set examples of the kind of person I want to be. This passion comes through in my role as a speaker, where I share about spiritual growth and inner peace as a higher, more meaningful expression for living.

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